Agriculturist Resume Template

Agriculturists are scientists trained in farming cultivation and raising livestock. They advise farm owners on soil management, breeding, animals’ living conditions, crop protection, environmental sustainability, disease and harvesting.   They are... Read More

Forest Ecologist Resume Template

A Forest Ecologist conducts research and carries out studies in environmental factors affecting forests, different climatic factors which are affecting the growth of the trees and plants present in the... Read More

Fish Farm Manager Resume Template

A Fish Farm Manager is responsible for the breeding and rearing of fish for the wholesale or retail trade. Fish Farm Managers supervise, manage and ensure the efficient operations of... Read More

Field Crop Harvest Worker Resume Template

A Field Crop Harvest Worker manually or uses hand tools to plant, cultivate and harvest vegetables, fruits, nuts and field crops. Duties may include tilling soil and applying fertilizers; transplanting,... Read More

Farm Laborer Resume Template

A Farm Laborer works on all kinds of farms. Farm Laborer performs routine tasks which involves the care of animals and crop cultivation. Their specific duties vary, depending on the... Read More

Agronomist Worker Resume Template

An Agronomist worker is one who does manual or industrial labor for an Agronomist scientist. He checks soil quality against crops that are to be planned in the given farm,... Read More

Landscape Technician Resume Template

A Landscape Technician is one who cares for plants and gardens, works in a residential or large corporation and is responsible for designing and installing new gardens and peripheral building... Read More

Irrigation Design Manager Resume Template

Irrigation Design Managers are responsible for supervising the servicing, inspection and repair of the irrigation systems.  They make designs for supplying the huge farms, fields or customized lawns with water... Read More

Pest and Weed Controller Resume Template

Pest and Weed Controllers are responsible of keeping plants healthy by making sure that the plants are not affected by any insects, pests and weeds in the farms. They play... Read More

Gardener Resume Template

A Gardener is a person who is involved in any form of gardening, such as landscaping or grounds maintenance. His primary responsibilities vary with the seasons that will ensure that... Read More

Agriculture Worker Resume Template

Agriculture Workers are responsible for jobs that are widely involved in planting, harvesting, and watering crops.  These may be from the food crops to shrubs, flowers, trees and other plant... Read More

Dairy Manager Resume Template

A Dairy Manager is an experienced person, who invests his skills abilities to generate the animal shelters, facilities for the cattle and milk production by emphasizing on the encountered problems... Read More

Agricultural Marketing Manager Resume Template

An Agricultural Marketing Manager totally deals with the demand and supply of the agricultural products and equipments so that it satisfies the needs of the buyer and brings in profits... Read More