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Advertising Resume Templates

Advertising has turned out to be an emerging field in recent times and many fresh graduates or students are choosing it as their career option. This field only requires candidate with talent of attracting public attention regarding a particular matter.  Therefore, it is essential to construct appropriate advertising resume templates to participate successfully at the […]

Advertising Coordinator Resume Template

An advertising coordinator is basically a person who is responsible for coordinating and synchronizing the various activities that goes on in an advertising firm. He is often directly responsible for organizing advertising events or promotional campaigns or at times he is the supervising in-charge of such activities. Irrespective of the role, an advertising coordinator should […]

Advertising Agency Resume Template

Advertising agencies are companies that hire trained and experienced professionals for the smooth execution of creating advertising contents, graphic designs, and accounting and administrative sectors of an advertising company. Experience and educational qualifications play a simultaneous role in fetching a job in the industry and therefore an advertising agency resume must be written accordingly giving […]

Advertising Internship Resume Template

An advertising intern is basically a student or a recent graduate aiming to find a job in the field of advertising to learn the ropes of the advertising world from an experienced and qualified superior. Advertisement internships provide newbie of the sector the first foothold of such jobs, and help them in gaining firsthand experience. […]

Entry Level Advertising Resume Template

An entry level advertiser generally works as advertising assistant or advertising sales representatives of companies. Their usual work is to solicit clients of potential, to understand the necessity of clients and to show them and advise them on advertising options that are best for the client’s business. They also take part in preparing adequate formats […]

Marketing Advertising Resume Template

A marketing advertising professional is one of the most important jobs in the world of marketing and advertising because it involves the job of selling advertising campaigns to potential clients and to convince them to buy into the company’s idea to fetch maximum profit. This job requires immense experience, education and knowledge besides clear vision […]

Associate Creative Director Resume Template

Associate Creative Directors assist and aide the senior creative directors in implementing various ideas and leadership tasks.  They must have good understanding of deliverables of their assigned accounts for various concepts of graphic design.  They are highly skilled in dealing with clients, explaining to them the various needs and requirements of the project. Specifically, Associate […]

Assistant Advertising Media Planner Resume Template

An Assistant Advertising Media Planner is a part of the public relations team, or in-house marketing department of an agency.  They enable their clients to maximize the impact of diverse range of products or services in advertising campaigns and ensure that it reaches the target audiences as effectively as possible through the use of a […]

Advertising Multimedia Scriptwriter Resume Template

The Advertising Multimedia Scriptwriter is one who prepares advertising script for product or service in television/radio commercials, publications and in the internet pod casts.  The script is written with dynamic composition and must be written persuasively, creatively, and quickly because of the pressure of deadlines. Advertising multimedia script writers must be able to imagine the […]

Advertising Multimedia Editorial Assistant Resume Template

Advertising Multimedia Editorial Assistants work under senior editors, assist the team to plan, coordinate, or edit content of material to better fit the publication’s editorial policy. They are involved in the review proposals and drafts for possible changes to the copy, chose artwork to accompany articles and essays, and help organize page layouts. The Editorial […]