Cake decorators are very important in the bake house as they put the cake design into life.  They tend to the customer’s instructions, requests and needs and they are they can initiate suggestions according to the customer’s taste.  They have the ability to perform the desired designs on the cakes and ensure that the finished products are of good quality and provide customer satisfaction.  Cake decorators must also be skilled in translating designs unto the cake base using different ingredients such as sugars, creams, icings, food color, etc.


Cake Decorator Resume Template

Vanessa Hermans

876 Avilon St.

New Orleans, 76889

Phone: (878) 908-909



Hardworking and talented individual seeking for a job as Cake Decorator

Summary of Qualification

  • Excellent social and communication skills with customers
  • Keen on details and quick in taking notes for special instructions
  • Exceptional skills in cake decorating, sugar coating, molding and icing
  • Knowledgeable in using airbrush, Kopycake projector, ovens and mixers
  • Highly responsible and dependable

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2011: Cake Decorator, Atlanta Cupcakes, Inc.

  • Communicated with customers and took record of their requests for particular cakes
  • Purchased ingredients necessary for intricate cake designs
  • Created a portfolio of designed cakes according to occasions
  • Designed and created novelty cakes for special clients such as politicians, businessmen
  • Involved in designing and creating the signature cup cake of the company
  • Coordinated with other employees to achieve the final product

2004-2008: Baker, Andy’s Specialty Cakes

  • Developed cake recipes and baked cakes for all occasions
  • Responsible and produced cakes according to schedule
  • Improved basic cake recipes of the company


1998-2002:  Home and Restaurant Management, University of New Orleans

2004: Certificate in Baking and Cake Decorating, Pandora’s Culinary Center

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.


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