A bus driver is an individual who is responsible for transporting passengers of a bus to their desired place to ensure that the bus that they are driving is in a proper working condition. The individual needs to have license to drive a bus and must be expert in driving. An individual applying for the position of a bus driver needs to refer to a bus driver resume template in order to prepare a sample resume.

Sample Bus Driver Resume Template

Bus driver resume

__________________ [name of the bus driver]

Street address ___________ City ___________

State ______________ Post code __________

________________ [contact number of the bus driver]

_________________ [email id of the bus driver]

Resume title:

I am a bus driver with _________________ [number of years] of experience of driving bus on ____________________ [name of the routes in which he has experience of driving a bus]. I want to seek a job in a travel company that will ______________________ [kind of bus service the transport company will be providing]

Skills and Qualities:

  • Good driving skills
  • Good observation skills
  • ______________
  • ________________
  • ______________
  • _________________

[Make a list of all the skills and qualities of the individual]


Holds a bus driver’s license issued by the state of ______________  [name of the state in which the license was issued]

Work Experiences: [Detail the earlier job experiences acquired by the candidate]

________ to  ________, worked in the position of a bus driver ___________ [name of the transport company]

Jobs Undertaken:

  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________