A Building Assistant is responsible for installation of wirings for electricity, mixing of cement, application of paints and maintaining cleanliness and orderliness of the work environment. They report immediately to the building and construction engineers and follow the instructions specified by their supervisors for the construction of the building. They also inspect the orderliness and proper installation of plans for the building.

Building Assistant Resume Template

Aries Patterson

Keams, UT

Salt Lake City, 65241

Phone: (686) 495-1115



To be employed as a building assistant for a reputable company

Summary of Qualification

  • Knowledge in installation and safety methods for wiring in a construction firm
  • Can interpret plans and designs for building construction
  • Experience in building codes and building maintenance
  • Works with minimal supervision and an excellent team player

Career Experience/Job History

2002 – 2011: Building Assistant, Sullivan and Sons Construction Company

  • Worked as a Building assistant for 9 years
  • Ability to follow instructions and directives set by the engineers of the company
  • Handled purchase of materials needed for construction
  • Responsible in cleaning and fixing materials before and after construction
  • Maintains and checks inventory of materials for the company
  • Makes reports of expenditure and material accountability for the company
  • Handled waste managements and proper disposal of waste
  • Performed multi tasking of different jobs in the company prioritizing the most important to the least important matters
  • Assumes supervisor position when the head supervisor is on field or not present
  • Works extended hours as well as holidays whenever the need arises
  • Offers suggestions and options to the supervisor if noticed that the plan would be more efficient if made in that way
  • Takes note manpower accountability, absences and injuries and reports then to the supervisor


1998-2002: High School Graduate, Red Barn Secondary School

Professional reference will be furnished upon request