Block Masons handle construction of building including walls and floors. They handle layouts of the foundation of every building using blueprints and plans. They also handle different types of specialized tools and machinery for cutting and shaping stones and lumber depending on which the contractor has designed the layout of a building. They also handle repairs and restoration of existing buildings.

Block Mason Resume Template

Floyd Matters

12 Bajaditta st, Hermosillo

AZ, 85475

Phone: (884) 365-2101


Licensed and experienced mason interested in widening horizon in the field of mason for a successful company

Summary of Qualification

  • Outstanding knowledge in interpretation of blueprints and plans
  • Excellent dexterity, stamina and strength
  • Can work on extended hours and flexible on time frames
  • Familiar with work tools and equipments for masonry
  • Works under minimal supervision but is a team player
  • Highly commended on job well done and received several awards from employers

Career Experience/Job History

2002 – 2011: Mason, Marvel Building and Masonry Incorporated

  • Responsible in the construction of floors and walls of the building while working with different natural, artificial and synthetic materials
  • Handles different tools and equipments in cutting, shaping and setting of stones in accordance to the drawing and design on the blueprint
  • Used heavy machinery in setting concrete blocks for supporting the building and sometimes residential homes in construction
  • Applies and finishes floors and walls with adhesives, paints and varnishes to comply with the design and appearance of the building
  • Assessed and repairs damaged and commissioned buildings for restoration
  • Responsible for pick up of purchased materials for construction and is responsible for transporting and storage of these materials making sure that damages are not incurred


1998-2002: Bachelor of Science in Masonry, Alexander Dawson School

Professional reference will be furnished upon request