Biologists are responsible for the study of plants and animals in their normal environment. They identify the different conditions that affect their growth and development. They also study their genetics and reproductive mating rituals. They prepare food and vitamins for injured animals and proper care for plants and animals. They perform laboratory procedures that would identify and classify plants and animals. They can also teach in an educational institution.

Biologist Resume Template

Clarice Perry

75145 West University Blvd, Tampa

FL, 33606

Phone: (813) 446-1542


For employment as a biologist in the field of health service

Summary of Qualification

  • Critical thinker using logic and reasoning to identify solutions and conclusions in the work environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communications needed in preparing reports and interpersonal relations
  • Excellent time management skills prioritizing most important issues for the company
  • Complex problem solving skills employing a scientific deduction in laboratory analysis and plants and animals studies

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – 2011: Biologist, University of Tampa – Sciences Department

  • Responsible in preparing syllabus and lesson plan for students
  • Provides assignments and case studies for the students
  • Prepares reports on class standing and grades for the students
  • Maintains professional interaction with the students and providing unbiased opinion for inquiries and questions
  • Advises students on career path for both academic and vocational studies
  • Maintain regular office hours for advise and consultation of students especially in thesis mentoring and feasibility study projects
  • Provide consulting services for the  plants and animal research and also government departments seeking professional information
  • Handles field research for classification and identification of new species sponsored by the university for research and development


1998-2002: Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Tampa

Professional reference will be furnished upon request