A Biological Science teacher prepares modules and lesson plans, assignments, and projects for students taking up biology for the university. They also teach the lessons to the students and monitors their development and knowledge in the field providing them accurate information and specialization in the field for research and development in biological sciences. They can also be commissioned by private and government institutions to provide lectures and research on biology.

Biological Science Teacher Resume Template

Amber Sparks

187 N Cobble Dr, Maumelle

AR, 54278

Phone: (517) 5689-2224



Licensed educator seeking a position as a biological science teacher for a reputable educational institution

Summary of Qualification

  • Outstanding knowledge in teaching methods and strategies both in the classroom and the laboratory
  • Excellent organization ability in module making as well as presentation
  • Licensed teacher majoring in Biology and its sub directories
  • Excellent command in English, both written and oral

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – 2011: Biological Science Teacher, University of Central Arkansas

  • Prepares lesson plans, modules, Assignments and project for the curriculum
  • Teaches classes and laboratory analysis for student in the university
  • Checks papers and assignment as well as projects for students
  • Computes grade and compiles these for end term and final standing of students after the semester
  • Conducts tutor lessons and extra hours to improve grades of students
  • Coordinates with the entire Biology department for brainstorming and aligning of lesson plans for compliance and uniformity
  • Commissioned by the university to conduct a research study for the biology department in identifying and monitoring the population of a certain specie in Peru
  • Maintains regular office hours for consultation of students
  • Acts as mentor and adviser for students handling their thesis and case studies


1998-2002: Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Central Arkansas

Professional reference will be furnished upon request