Bacteriologists conduct laboratory and clinical research into the origins and genetics, function, chemistry and ecological significance of bacteria, fungi, virus, algae and protozoans.  They are often found in computerized laboratories either for pure science research or applied formulation studies in assisting the development of drugs for countering their harmful or toxic biological effects on humans and animals.

Bacteriologist Resume Template

Jason B. Racefort

Vance Ave., Memphis, Tennessee

Phone:  0423-786-9803


To become a lead bacteriologist in a large research or pharmaceutical company

Summary of Qualifications

  • About 12 years of experience as a bacteriologist in a large pharmaceutical company with expertise in research of microbial antidotes and vaccines.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Spanish
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Career Experience / Job History

2000 – Present: Bacteriologist, Novartis

  • Assist biotechnicians in the application of research results in the formulation of anti-microbial compounds for medical purposes.
  • Isolate suspected active microbial organisms in pure culture and identify micro-organisms under controlled conditions
  • Ensure preventive regular inoculations to cover risk of contracting diseases in dealing with known harmful bacteria.
  • Observe, identify and classify micro-organisms and update laboratory reference manuals as necessary.
  • Prepare diagnostic antigens and antiserums for further medical studies
  • Perform test and analysis of commercial canned food to identify and confirm suspicions of harmful micro-organisms and report to the FDA.
  • Undertake pathological tests and analysis of fish, poultry and food sources to diagnose food-borne harmful microbes and prepare recommendations on the  control and prevention techniques


2000 – Present: Various in-house trainings and 3rd party seminars on new microbiology discoveries and trends in laboratory research

1998 – 2000:  MS in Bacteriology – Boston University

1995 – 1998:  BS in Microbiology, University of Oklahoma

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.