With the kind of traffic you have in any city and the new road vehicle models coming out every 6 months from various marques, the need for repairing road vehicles has never been as great as today.  More than just car mechanics, the automotive service technician performs suitable diagnostics on all aspects of the car, from its engines, underbody chassis, electricals, electronics, lighting, sound, hydraulics and pneumatics systems, apart from, body works. They work in teams with various specializations and are often employed in high technology service centers authorized by car marques.

Automotive Service Technician Resume Template

Martin B. Berg

Decker St., Detroit, Michigan

Phone:  586-993-5576



Looking for a position as a lead automotive service technician in a large automotive service center

Summary of Qualification

  • 9 years of experience as an automotive service technician in an exotic European automotive shop.

Career Experience/Job History

2001 – Present:  Automotive Service Technician, Lamborghini Diagnostic Center

  • Gather customer complaint and verify with proper inspection and initial diagnostic test on a Lamborghini sports car for free
  • Communicate clearly to the client about the diagnosed problems and the adjustments or repair work to restore it
  • Complete job order and update with information on parts replaced to endure proper billing.
  • Perform tune up procedures on cars brought in for regular checks
  • Adjust, test and repair engines, steering systems, braking systems, drive trains, vehicle suspensions, electrical systems, wheel re-alignment and air-conditioning systems.
  • Advise customers on work performed, total bill and schedule for pick up


2001 – Present:  Various In-house trainings and 3rd party seminars on Lamborghini mechanical and electrical systems, engine systems

1998 – 2001: Associate in Automotive Technology, West Michigan Institute of Technology

Professional reference will be furnished upon request