Automotive Paint Technicians or Paint Spraying Specialists perform one of the last aesthetic and functional touches on a commercial vehicle – the correct application of paints. Be sure you don’t import models of cars destined for humid warm countries, if you live in drier temperate climes, or vide versa.  Your car paint won’t survive.  That’s what the automotive paint technician who applies the paint coats as specified by the automotive engineer.

Automotive Paint Technician Resume Template

Barry S. Darkwater

Abbe St., Detroit, Michigan

Phone:  586-114-7894


Looking for a position as a Automotive Paint Technician in a automotive manufacturing company

Summary of Qualification

  • 9 years of experience as an Automotive Paint Technician assisting the automotive engineer in the area of vehicle body painting.
  • Excellent social and interpersonal skills.

Career Experience/Job History

2001 – Present: Automotive Paint Technician, General Motors

  • Assist the automotive paint engineer in the operation of automated body paint application systems for various types of vehicles destined for export to different countries
  • Ensure no mix-up in the shipment of cars meant for warm humid countries and those meant for colder temperate countries.
  • Implement the paint mixes as specified by the automotive paint engineers.
  • Assist the industrial engineers in ensuring that the painting processes adopted are performed in the most efficient, cost-effective and timely manner possible.
  • Collect and compile operational or experimental data and assist in the development of new paint solutions


2004:  In hours seminars on painting technologies of road vehicles.

2003:  Obtained ATA accreditation as an Automotive Technician

2001 – 2003: Associate in Industrial Technology, Detroit Institute of Technology

Professional reference will be furnished upon request