The automotive paint engineer is a highly specialized automotive engineering area that focuses on the application of paint chemistry and chemical engineering on the metal bodies of automobiles.  The objective is to ensure that paints can withstand corrosion and the weather erosion caused by cold temperate climes, dry arid or humid hot tropic climes.  Not one single paint formulation can survive under all weather conditions and that is why cars destined for export to one country or region may not survive in another.

Automotive Paint Engineer Template

Patrick A. Madson

Byrd St., Detroit, Michigan

Phone: 586-090989-3311


To take on a supervisory position as part of a team of automotive paint engineers in a leading automotive manufacturers

Summary of Qualification

  • Ten years of experience in the automotive painting section rising through the ranks to become an automotive paint engineers a major automobile manufacturing company.
  • Excellent chemical engineering background to have developed unique body colors.

Career Experience/Job History

2001 – Present: Assistant Automotive Paint Engineer, Commercial Vehicle, General Motors, Detroit

  • Formulate new paints with better application consistency, brighter and more unique colors, better corrosion and humidity resistance.
  • Coordinate with 3rd party suppliers of paint ingredients to secure the best commercial bulk deal.
  • Design and enhance body surface treating systems.

1998 – 2001: Automotive Paint Technician, Chrysler

  • Assist the automotive paint engineer in the operation of automated body paint systems for various types of vehicles destined for export to different countries
  • Implement the paint mixes as specified by the automotive paint engineers.


2000 – Present:  In-house workshops and seminars on automotive paint formulation as well as computerize automotive painting systems.

1994 – 1998:  BS in Automotive Engineering, Utah Technological University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.