The automotive engineer combines a multi-disciplinary engineering skill set for supporting the electronics, electricals, mechanicals, hydraulics and pneumatics of a road vehicle.   The positions calls for development of car systems and subsystems that will require interface with clients, designers and 3rd party suppliers for a complete production blueprint for the manufacture or assembly of road vehicles. The resume can be comprehensive to showcase your contribution in any car brand or ancillary road products.

Automotive Engineer Resume Template

Howard B. Walden

Warren Ave., Detroit, Michigan

Phone: 586-099-4876


To take on a supervisory position as part of a team of automotive designers in a leading automotive manufacturers

Summary of Qualification

  • Ten years of experience rising through the ranks in a major automobile manufacturing company.
  • Excellent command of 3D modeling and CAD/CAM software tools
  • Sample of production cars models with major engineering participation available upon request.

Career Experience/Job History

2000 – Present: Assistant Automotive Engineer, Passenger Vehicle, General Motors, Detroit

  • Develop components and systems that provide engineered customer value at the least production cost.
  • Meet with customers in a product focus group and marketing specialists and designers to create a concept car that address what people want in a car, station wagon or SUV.
  • Coordinate with 3rd party suppliers of electronic control systems for accreditation and acceptance for use in new models.
  • Coordinate with marketing for pricing structure of new models.
  • Document crash test results and implement engineering changes as necessary.
  • Document the features of approved car models.


2000 – Present:  In house workshops on automotive engineering design, fuel efficiency, computerize automotive systems.

1996 – 2000:  Bachelor of Science in Automotive Engineering, Michigan Technological University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.