Automobile engineering is a profession where the engineers work at developing the image and appearance as well as the working technique of the automobile or other road vehicles. The automobile refers to cars, motor cars etc but can also b commonly reffered to motorcycle, trucks, buses etc.

Automobile jobs include jobs in this field as automobile engineer, automobile sales, administrator and various other sub fields. They require good knowledge of the field and experience of managing in the field.

Automobile Engineer Resume Template

Edward Joseph

Marksyor Road


Phone: 365-43-764


Well qualified and having good knowledge of the automobile mechanism looking for a good position in the field.

Summary of Qualification

  • Skilled in building client relations
  • Effective in devising innovative/creative ideas

Career Experience/Job History


Ryan Motors

Automobile Engineer

  • Tested various automotive parts for their perfect functioning.
  • Analysed the design for the premier batch of automobiles launched by the company.


Milesford Autoshop

Automobile Engineer

  • Scrutinized durability of the vehicles brought to the base.
  • Accompanied and assessed other engineers in their work.


  • Recognized by the National Auto Staff Board for performance



Masters in Automobile Engineering, Denmark University


Bachelors in Automobile Engineering, Denmark  University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request