An attorney assistant resume is a document which sums up the professional skills and qualifications of an attorney’s assistant. Such an individual has a myriad range of functions, from secretarial skills to those involving knowledge in law and the legal system. All attorneys start as interns to noted and respected attorneys, and thus, an attorney assistant must also be highly qualified. His professional resume or CV should reflect this educational and professional expertise, and the best way of framing such an effective resume is through the help of an attorney assistant resume template.

Sample Attorney Assistant Resume Template:

Resume for the Post of Attorney Assistant



Contact details: ___________________________ [mention the personal information about the aspiring attorney assistant]

Educational background:

  • High school diploma in ________________ [year] from _______________ [name of institution]
  • Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Law from _______________[name university or law school] in the year ___________________
  • Obtained Master’s degree in Criminal Law in _______________ [year] from ____________[name of university of law school]

Career Aims:

I aim at the following goals as far as my professional career of an attorney assistant is concerned:

  • _____________________________
  • ____________________________
  • ______________________________ [Mention the career goals of the aspirant attorney assistant in this section of the resume]

Specialized skills:

I possess the following specialized skills which render me suitable for the post of an attorney assistant:

  • ___________________________
  • ____________________________
  • _____________________________ [Mention the skill set possessed by the candidate]

Work experience:

  • I have worked under ____________________[name supervising and eminent lawyer] from _______________ to _______________ [years of work]
  • Worked as ___________________ [name of position] at ______________[name of institution] from __________ to _________________