Athletic Directors are in charge of mapping out the sports program of a school or university.  They serve as coaches and mentors of sport teams and they manage the sports and athletic facilities.  As Athletic Directors, they must have a strong background in sports and therefore must also be physically fit to facilitate sport activities.  Aside from this, they also evaluate the overall status of the physical education and condition of the school and from which an athletic program may be drafted.

Athletic Director Resume Template

Andrew Web

9090 West Stanford

Alabama, 7893

Phone: (212) 210-2100


Dependable and diligent individual seeking for a position as Athletic Director in a school

Summary of Qualification

  • Wide background in a variety of sports – training, rules and regulations
  • Excellent in developing personal and physical strength in athletes
  • Strong interpersonal communication and social skills for character building
  • Knowledgeable in the function and maintenance of sport equipment
  • With abilities to create an athletic and sports program both for faculty and students

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2011: Athletic Director, Stanford University

  • Evaluated existing athletic program and revised some activities to work more suitably to the campus environment and trends
  • Mentored the basketball, volleyball and football teams together with respective coaches
  • Coordinated with the health department of the university in terms health and nutrition needs served in the cafeteria
  • Searched for scholarships to varsity players of the university and involved them in extensive training out of school
  • Encouraged faculty and school staff participation in the general physical program that includes regular exercises and proper diet
  • Maintained the sports complex and its facilities and requested for purchase of new equipment and materials when necessary

2004 – 2008: Physical Education Instructor, West Stanford College

  • Created extensive physical education sport programs for freshmen and sophomore
  • Taught and trained students in swimming, baseball and football
  • Served as coach to the swimming team and involved the team to inter-collegiate tournaments


2000-2004: Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education, University of Stanford

Professional reference will be furnished upon request