An Aquarist studies wild life marine in a controlled environment such as aquariums. They feed marine life according to schedule, administering vitamins, and detect diseases or injuries to aquatic animals. They are also responsible in cleaning and monitor pH levels of the tank by conducting tests at regular intervals set by the supervisor and they also adjust pH levels and temperature when needed.

Aquarist Resume Template

Summer Walsh

N Bay St, FL

Orlando, 26458

Phone: (573) 785-4521


Knowledge and experienced aquarist with excellent work ethics interested in broadening talents for marine life care

Summary of Qualification

  • Experience in working for an aquarium facility
  • Manages feeding and preparing food for the different marine life according to dietary needs set up by supervisor
  • Thorough and effective in terms of cleaning and maintaining a controlled atmosphere for aquarium species
  • Works as a team player and carries out plans set by the facility

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – 2011: Aquarist, Sea World Theme Park

  • Responsible for food preparation and feeding of Aquatic animals for the company
  • Handles cleaning and waste disposal for the aquarium
  • Ensures that aquarium are of proper standards which include checking water temperature and pH levels are kept within range
  • Prepares and check aquatic animals before and after presentation for public viewing
  • Participated in seminars and workshops for proper care aquatic animals

2002-2007: Aquarist, Andrews Sea World Park

  • Assisted in purchase and acquisition of aquatic wild life for the park
  • Prepares food and dietary nutrition for the aquatic animals in the park
  • Cleans tanks and aquariums for extraction of algae and wastes
  • Asses infections and diseases as well as the health of aquatic life consisting of fishes and plants in the aquirium


1998-2002: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Pennsylvania State University

2001: Apprentice application for Smithsonian University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request