An Animal Shelter Supervisor performs animal care duties like preparing food, water, cleaning the cages, litter box. Their responsibility is to care for animals especially sick, quarantined and injured animals and observed animals for unusual behavior for proper treatment. They also perform euthanasia for dangerous and terminally ill animals and submit proper samples for testing in the laboratory like rabies infections.

Animal Shelter Supervisor Resume Template

Stephen Moore

N. Broad St, NY

Cheektowaga, 15468

Phone: (517) 956-5861


To oversee and facilitate the office in terms of animal care and to make critical decisions for the welfare of the care of animals

Summary of Qualification

  • License and experience in managing an animal shelter
  • Will handle decision and reports for data management for the company
  • Supervise and train employees to adapt to the environment
  • Process paperwork needed for adoption of animals from the shelter
  • To promote and inform the public of licensing and adoption of pets from the shelter

Career Experience/Job History

2009 – 2011: Department Head, Man’s Best Friend Pet Shop

  • Supervised employees in the care and vaccination of animals
  • Completes documents for sale and purchase of pets by customers
  • Responsible for overseeing the cleanliness and orderliness of the facility
  • Supervises licensing, pet-owner responsibilities and information dissemination to owners
  • Maintains food and supply of inventory for the facility

2006-2008: Owner, Pets-R-Us

  • Assists and oversees the employees for the company
  • Facilitates screening and hiring of employees
  • Manages the demand of pets for the sale in the company

2001-2006: Sales Representative, Animal Kingdom

  • Handles sales and documentation for purchased animals
  • Assists in vaccination and treatment of animals brought to the facility


1999-2001: Bachelor of Arts in Animal Science, St. Louis University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request