An Animal Husbandry Worker takes care of live cattle or poultry animals maintaining orderliness as well as cleanliness for the facility. Their job includes feeding, cleaning and monitoring diseases of animals and making sure that there are no infections of diseases within the colony. They may also handle reports and selling of goods produced such as meat, eggs and milk from the facility.

Animal Husbandry Worker Resume Template

James Tyler

East Regina, OR

Ray, 86542

Phone: (845) 864-1687


Experienced and organized professional seeking employment as an animal husbandry worker

Summary of Qualification

  • Excellent handling of animals which include feeding, grooming and cleaning of animals and their environment
  • With high initiative and ca n work under minimal or no supervision
  • Handles records such as development, collection, purchase and supply of the animals
  • Can work of extended shift

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – 2011: Animal Husbandry Worker, Sears Farm

  • Cleans and ensures orderliness in the farm
  • Monitors and treats infections or diseases of animals in the farm
  • Maintains and repairs equipments used in the feeding, productions and cleaning
  • Handles deliveries of farm products and produce to be shipped
  • Ensure there are enough supplies for feed for the animals and submits orders if needed

2005-2007: Animal Husbandry Worker, Ray’s Animal Supplies

  • Segregates animals according to age, size and weight as ordered by the farm
  • Handles disinfecting and cleaning of animal shelters
  • Truck driver for the company for purchase and sales of animals within USA

2002-2005: Animal Care Taker, Riva’s Animal Kingdom

  • Handles feeding and bathing of pets serviced by the company
  • Assists veterinarians in administering vaccines and anti-rabies for pet owners
  • Cleans and sterilize equipments and cages in the company


1998-2002: High School Diploma, Sterling High School

Professional reference will be furnished upon request