An analytical chemist utilizes unique bio- analytical and laboratory techniques in order to perform testing procedures on chemical materials, conduct formulation methods and to analyse & validate chemical belongings and products. The candidate working at this position also ensures the implementation of precautionary measures during the testing procedures. Following given analytical chemist resume template is outlined to help the job applicants for drafting an effective CV in order to apply for this job position.

Sample Of Analytical Chemist Resume Template


Name: ___________

Address: _________

Landline Number: ____________

Mobile Number: ______________

E-mail id: ___________________

Date of Birth: ____/ _____/ _____

Professional Objective: An experienced analytical chemist seeking to join an esteemed organization where I can perform proficiently by utilizing my bio- analytical techniques.

Academic Record: [mention the educational background portraying candidate’s eligibility for this job position]

  • Obtained a degree in Bachelors of _______[ stream] from __________ [name of the college] in ________- [mention the passing year of the degree]
  • Master of __________[stream] from ___________ [name of the university] in the year of ______________ [write here the passing year]

Employment Summary: [impressively pen out the employment summery of the job candidate in order to express his/ her proficiency]   

Tenure Duration Organization Job Position
_____________ _____________ ____________
_____________ _____________ _______________

Official Job Duties: [give a brief overview of the job responsibilities performed by the contender in the previous organizations]



Skills & Abilities:

  • Effective microscopic and bio analytical skills
  • Very good knowledge of electron microscopy, drug development and vibration spectroscopy
  • Impressive English reading and writing skills
  • _____________
  • ____________