Always Have your Résumé Ready in Short Notice

You can never tell when the opportunity arises for that dream job to come your way. Don’t let it pass just because your résumé is not updated and it would take you a few hours to get it updated.  By the time you finish, the opportunity window may have closed shit forever.

With today’s easy access to word processing tools, there’s no excuse for anyone not to get an updated résumé ready for distribution in a moment’s notice.  In a highly competitive employment markets out there, getting you résumé properly done and updated from time to time, can give you a good competitive edge.  Here are some things to consider

  • Templated résumé forms are now easily downloadable from various internet sites focused on jobs.  It’s often just a matter of following the form structure to take away the decisions people in the past have to contend with when crafting their résumés.
  • Do it when there’s no rush to complete it.  If you’re currently employed in a stable job, there may be no rush to update your résumé but you can never know when you’d need it.  A sudden change in the economy can threaten your stable job and you may have to update your résumé in a rush.
  • Store you completed résumé in a ready directory at home, office PC and your Flash Drive.  But make sure you only update from one source.  The best way is to have your résumé and covering letter emailed to yourself in Yahoo.  That way, you can easily retrieve your résumé anywhere where you have PC access.

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