With sustained efforts to secure airports to protect airline passengers, Air Marshals have been deployed in virtually all airports with the aim of tightening airport security at the highest level for the purpose of preventing any terrorist attacks and a repeat of the 9/11 incident.  They are responsible for screening airline passengers to ensure they do not carry any potentially deadly weapons.  They can randomly take flights to ensure passenger protection while in flight.

Air Marshal Resume Template

Philip K. Hall

Inglewood, LA, California

Phone: (818) 5887-9011



To work as an Air Marshal for an airport in the east coast

Summary of Qualification

  • More than 10 years experience in government service in air safety and security
  • Excellent skill to operate complex electronic detection systems for concealed weapons and explosives
  • Excellent presence of mind to mobilize security officers at the outset of any potential or developing security breach
  • Excellent medical and physical health with 20/20 vision and quick reflexes
  • Excellent organizing and crowd control skills

Career Experience/Job History

2002 – Present: Air Marshal, Tom Bradley International, LA

  • Conduct heightened security checks on luggage and airline passenger’s person
  • Accost suspicious persons loitering in airports, demand identification and detain based on judgment call.
  • Cordon off airport entry and exit points following security breaches,
  • Contact and coordinate closely with local police and airport security personnel during urgent security breaches.


2000 – Present:  In-house training and seminars on security systems, self defense, terrorist developments and passenger safety procedures

1996 – 2000: BA Commerce (undergraduate), University of Saint Mary, Michigan

Professional reference to be furnished upon request