Agronomists are responsible for soil sampling and crop evaluation for farmers to advice farmers of the best strategies to give a maximum yield for their crops and livelihood. They work in the laboratory for samples and utilize new instruments to aid in results, after which they provide a report as to the best method and to prevent problems in farm.

Agronomist Resume Template

Jennifer Walter

Michigan Ave, MI

Detroit, 36487

Phone: (265) 885-9754


Licensed and experienced Agronomist to handle soil and crop sampling for an Agriculture Company

Summary of Qualification

  • Extensive exposure to soil sampling and analysis of samples
  • Knowledge in the use of laboratory equipment for soil analysis
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft office application for reports and feasibility study
  • Works independently and with or without supervision in the laboratory

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – 2011: Head-Agronomist, Michigan  State – Department of Agriculture

  • Supervise colleagues in the laboratory for soil and crop sampling submitted to the department
  • Handles soil and crop samples for the farmers in the state
  • Responsible for dissemination of results to farmers
  • Attended conference and seminars for new processes and innovative ways set under agronomy
  • Implemented and conducted seminars for the department for new and new programs for the department

2005-2007: Assistant Agronomist, Michigan State – Department of Agriculture

  • Assist supervisor in soil and crop sample analysis
  • Responsible for field sampling for different areas of the state
  • Handles laboratory equipments in soil and crop analysis
  • Educate and inform farmers of the best crops and maximum yield with the use of fertilizers and pesticides for their farm
  • Investigated soil and crop diseases arising in the state area and providing solutions for disease prevention and treatment


1998-2002: Bachelor of Science in Agronomy, Harvard University

2001: Affiliate as an Assistant Agronomist for Michigan State – Department of Agriculture

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