An Agricultural Crop Worker handles tilling, planting watering crops and makes sure that proper organization of crops are taken care of. They can also handle the se of pesticides and fertilizers to the crops and work on machineries for production. They also report to their supervisors on the development of crops in terms of maturity and problems that might occur in the work environment.

Agricultural Crop Worker Resume Template

Janice Margaret

Willing St, AR

Reedsville, 56840

Phone: (504) 846-9742


Responsible and dependable worker seeking employment for the planting and harvesting season

Summary of Qualification

  • Dependable staff for planting and harvesting crops
  • Experience in categorizing and analyzing crop development and maturity
  • Initiates action when needed and reports these incidents to the supervisor
  • Has worked with light and heavy machineries used in farming
  • Can work under minimal supervision

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – 2011: Agricultural Crop Worker, Maidens Harvests

  • Responsible for tilling, planting and harvesting crops for the company both during planting and harvesting seasons
  • Handled tractors and pumps used for the farm
  • Reports to managers soil and weather conditions to develop plans and procedures for the crops
  • Repairs and maintains farm equipments to avoid problems in the cultivation of crops

2005-2007: Agricultural Farm Worker, Bayer Food

  • Cleans and maintains orderliness in the poultry industry
  • Feeds and administer vitamins needed by farm animals when specified by the supervisor
  • Handles machineries used in the farm as well as repairs and maintenance

2002-2005: Agricultural Crop Worker; Perkins Peach Farm

  • Responsible for planting new seedlings for the farm
  • Harvested peach produce during harvest season
  • Handled and taught new hires for the basic responsibility as crop workers for the farm


1998-2002: High School Diploma; Burgess High School

Professional reference will be furnished upon request