An agency recruiter is a person or an employee of a company who belongs to the human resource department and is responsible for the recruitment processes which are held in the company for recruiting trainees and new employees for various job positions. Any person interested in this job position needs to make a well framed resume for himself. Given below is a sample of an agency recruiter resume template.

Sample Agency Recruiter Resume Template:

RESUME                               Job position: Agency Recruiter

Personal details: [this section should be used for entering personal details]

Name of applicant:

Phone number of applicant:

Residential address of applicant:

Email address of applicant:

Age of applicant:

Educational qualifications [this section should be used for entering the educational qualifications or Academical background details]

  • Graduation: from __________ [name of college] completed in the year ______ [year].
  • Post graduation: completed PG from __________ [name of college] in ___________ [name of subject] in the year _____ [year].
  • Pursued diploma course/ courses in _______[names of subject/subjects]

Work experience details: [this section should be used for entering the details of the professional work experience of the applicant]

  • I worked in the human resources department of _______ [name of company] for ____ [number of years] years and was selected as the most efficient employee of the company.
  • I have worked as the agency recruiter for ______ [name of company] for ______ [number of months/years].

Professional skills and attributes: [use this section to mention the skills]

  • I am ___________ [mention the skills and qualities] and can handle the entire recruitment process with little help.