Resume for Advertising Account Executive job is to be done in a simple language and should be brief so that the recruiter is able to spend least time to read the contents and assess the suitability of the candidate. Application should preferably accompany a cover letter which should be brief and the details of qualification and other particulars should form an attachment thereto. Both the cover letters and the attachment should conspicuously mention that the application made is for entry level or experienced positions to enable the recruiters’ staff to segregate the applications accordingly within the least possible time since time is a precious element for every one in any organization.

Advertising Account Executive Resume Template

Mirinda Jones

4563, Alexander Avenue




Career Objective: To become an expert in every activity related to the job and become the Chairman of the company working for.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Proficiency in preparing art work based on the enquiry generated by the sales staff;
  • Confidence in discussing with the clients and get to know their requirement/expectation and work accordingly in the studio;

Career Experience/Job History

2008-2009 – Thomson Advertising Limited

  • As Intern in the advertisement department to get acclimatized with process of preparing art work using colors according to themes, etc.
  • After successful completion of training, involved in meeting the existing as well as new clients and making presentations and get their requirements;


2005-2008 – Oxford University, Oxford

  • Acquired Degree in Marketing and Advertising Management with 86% aggregate marks.
  • Qualified as Post-graduate Diploma in Advertising Management from Steilbein University through distance education program and secured first class scoring 90% aggregate marks.
  • Planning to pursue MBA in marketing.

Reference: Shall provide appropriate references during interview.