A lot of people who have failed to step into college can still pursue higher education even if they’re into their 40s, with a family and kids and are gainfully employed but would like better career advancement opportunities afforded by a college education.  That’s what adult educators allow them to do.  Teaching young adults fresh from high school is different when teaching more mature adults who now have responsibilities apart from their studies.  These adult education teachers often are themselves professionals in various fields and may even be younger than their students.

Adult Education Teacher Resume Template

Greg F. Saunders

Broad St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phone:  215-760-0125



Looking for a position as an adult education teacher in the field of consumer electronics in a community college

Summary of Qualification

  • Total of 6 years in the electrical engineering trade with about 4 yours as part time adult teacher for electricians in a community education center.
  • Excellent command of written English for technical writing.

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – Present:  Part Time Adult Education Teacher, Center for Continuing Education

  • Provide night time classes in basic electricity for accreditation as a master electrician or Journeyman.
  • Organize and coordinate curriculum and course schedules with the college and finalize teaching materials
  • Evaluate student performance and assignments accomplishments.
  • Attend lectures as guest instructor for electronics courses
  • Recommend promising students for certification

2003 – Present:  Product Engineer, Mobile Division, Motorola

  • Provide engineering support for the company’s cellphone products
  • Mentor new hires in the technical design of cellphones.


2005 – 2006:  MS in Electrical Engineering, MIT

2004:  Passed board exams to become a Professional Engineer

2000 – 2003: BS in Electronics Engineering,  DeVry University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request