To add some life to any resume you should add some words which make an impact and these are the action words. The action words add power and authority to your resume making it a more effective resume on the whole.

These are actually verbs which describe your capabilities and what you have done in you other jobs and show those who are interviewing you a more positive side to your work. You have to consider the reason you are being hired, which is obviously to do something positive and reproductive for the company, and your action words should describe this trait in you.

What the employer wants to know is whether you are responsible, can complete assignments on time, is skilled in the areas which are pertaining to this job, have good organizing capacity, have the required communication skills and the soft skills which are required in this position. Make sure that these action words are used in your resume to describe yourself so that the person who is going to interview you has more confidence in your capabilities too.

Another point to stress on with your action words are your qualifications and computer skills. No matter what position you have applied for these are two important factors in all jobs in today’s world. Look at the job description and put in the action words which are required here. This will make you a really suitable and apt candidate for the post.

Some of the action words which may suit your profile and different skills are listed below:

Soft skills – writing skills, communication skills, good salesmanship, marketing skills, creating a rapport with people or people skills

Technical skills – making presentations, computer skills, accounting skills, designing skills, creating websites and banners

Teaching skills – good at getting across to people, training skills, speaking and talking skills

Organizing skills – management skills, planning skills, good at organizing events, exhibitions, event management