Writing online Résumés

It used to be that job applicants start out with a blank sheet of paper to type in their résumés.  For sure, there are résumé templates but these are printed pro-form pages that serve to guide their résumé composition.  Then came the PC which made writing résumés another work processing product. It would take the internet to make bring résumé writing into the paperless realm.

Today, most head hunting companies have an online presence that provide online forms where applicants can simply type in the usual résumé content they would otherwise put on their word processor.  The online process is quite simple.  After creating your account with your personal details which is free of charge, you simple proceed to build up your résumé profile in various stages.

You start out with your contact details and educational background.  Colleges and schools are often chosen from a drop-down menu or you can input one that’s not there.  There are fields for each school where you can input the course you took which is also a drop down menu for various professions.

The next step is to populate your career history which, while mostly in text format for your duties and accomplishments, there are specific fields for the companies you worked with and the time period.  In addition, there are portfolio fields that allow you to embed media files and URL links for your works online.  Then there’s the reference fields which have separate filed for names and contact details.

All these data gets files in a CV or résumé database where employers can query for a price for to get the résumé that best fits their job descriptions in vacant positions.

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