Why Employers Prefer Online Job Hunting and Résumés Submission

Just like online commerce which has saved significant merchandising costs for many retailers, doing job hunting online for many companies has also resulted in substantial savings in the area of recruitment over traditional hiring methods.

It’s interesting to note that according to the Employment Management Association the average cost to hire in the US back in 1997, inclusive of the advertising cost, was $3,295 per employee which involved print ad costs.  Compare that to current cost to hire figures of only $377, including interest advertising costs.

The savings in cost to hire do not consider the savings in operating costs and recruitment processing times that come with getting templated résumés that can be archived on a CV database.

Prior to the emergence of electronic online résumés, it is standard practice for HR recruiters to sort through massive paper stacks of résumés just to find the right candidate with no means to check if they had been rejected before or is in fact the best among other applicants with résumés buried in those stacks. Today, with templated résumé forms applicants can fill out online, JR can easily query their résumé databases with the right search parameters to get just the appropriate résumé to be reviewed, shortlisted, scheduled for interview and processed.

The recruitment model has also evolved to a large extent with more applicants doing the search on line for jobs rather than companies looking for them which they still do but at a lower intensity than before. With search engines, applicants can be brought to companies with the jobs they are looking for.

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