When to use Creative and Artistic Résumés

With the image editing and compositing software tools on the home PC, it’s very tempting to start embellishing your email pages and correspondence letters with customized artworks.  The résumé becomes one area where creative artworks have been employed to spice up what is considered a drab piece of word-processed document.  You can even have one in a personal website or blog complete with Flash animation that can really impress.  Or you could author one in a CD which you can mail out. It is worth it?  Will an impressively crafted résumé with unique creative lay-outing and artwork impress an HR recruiter?

To some extent, it would, but mostly if you’re applying for a graphics design position in a creative or advertising agency.  It’s certainly a breather for an HR recruiter to encounter an artistically laid-out résumé which is sure to stand out among other résumé documents.  But you have better be good at it to really be worth reading, including making sure that the résumé content is well written using type fonts large enough to be read and not be drowned out in the background colors or cause eyestrain when reading.

For sure the HR recruiter will still look into the most important parts of a résumé. And if the artworks, no matter how creatively rendered, make reading difficult, you can expect the HR recruiter to just throw your résumé in the trash bin.  Nothing prevents you from embellishing an otherwise drab page with creative lay-outing that can make your résumé stand out among the crowd. Just make sure they don’t stand in the way of reading its content.  Even creative agencies will not have the patience to go through it if reading the content becomes difficult.

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