When Is the Best Time to Send out Your Résumé

So you’ve finished completing and updating a well-crafted résumé.  Will it just lie in your PC directory until the opportunity comes along to send it?  It depends on your current job.

For sure, people who are unemployed should be sending out their résumé to as many companies or headhunters they can find, making sure the position they are applying for are still in demand.  But did you know that the best time to send your résumé is when you’re still employed?

Employers like to see in the résumé that your latest job show a period of something likes “2009 – present.”   It means a lot.  It means you’re currently productive and updated with trends in your current profession.  This is a valued applicant qualification with all things equal. It’s also a benefit to the applicant because he can command the current salary that’s at least competitive with those of similar positions in the market.

On the other hand, if you’ve been unemployed for the last few months or even a year or two, the impression you give to the employer is that you’ve lost touch with your profession and that you are no longer competitive.  No matter how long you’ve been employed before the hiatus, an employer often gives priority to applicants who are still employed.

In addition, you can no longer command a competitive salary if you’ve been unemployed for the last year or so.  You’d be lucky to get a salary equivalent to the salary you had when you were still employed.

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