What to Put in Your First Résumé

It’s not uncommon for fresh graduates to be apprehensive about their first résumé.  Afterall, there’s not much work experience they can put in one to make it a compelling read for recruiters. But bear in mind that a résumé is all about showcasing your worth to an employer.  If you take stock of yourself and your academic history, you may be surprised at the things you can boast about in your résumé without unnecessarily embellishing on them.  Here’s a list of what you can put into your first résumé.

  • Course relevant to your desired job. Some jobs require a relevant or related college degree, while others don’t.  Applying to be a flight attendant has no academic preference but applying to be programmer requires a suitable training.
  • Educational accomplishments (including your GPA if above 3.0) and accomplishments (awards, recognition, competition or sporting wins, etc.). This may be a bragging right but with all else equal, it can be an advantage.
  • Positive personal traits.  You must have some, but be sure to focus on what the employer wants to hear.  You may be a loving person but that has less job relevance than being industrious, patient, sociable and a team player, to mention some.
  • Computer skills. Even knowing how to surf or use MS Word or Excel can be an asset to any job in this computer and internet age.
  • Job experience during college or in summer jobs. This could be the closest thing a fresh graduate can have to show for a job experience.  Having served as an editor in the college paper or as assistant in a college research work is another. That’s why extracurricular work in college is important.
  • Relevant Hobbies. Only include those with job relevance. Skip it if all you can put in is watching movies or listening to music.  But a hobby in photography can be relevant if applying in a creative agency.

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