What makes a Good Résumé

Like any product or service advertising message, first impression is important. That’s what your résumé does, as it is really all about advertising yourself to job recruiters.  Your job résumé creates this impression in an HR recruiter and can determine if it’s worth bothering about.  Needless to say, this impression should be positive. Second, that good impression must be cut within the first 20 seconds or the chances of it ending in the trash bin increases beyond this time.

A résumé is effectively a marketing tool to sell yourself, be noticed and get interviewed. A good résumé won’t guarantee you’d get your target job.  All it can do, if done right, is to get you scheduled for an interview with your employer.  The rest is now up to you.

The important things in a résumé are the applicant’s sincerity in presenting himself and staying focused to what is required without being sloppy.  It’s easy to get lost and be sloppy presenting your credentials with all the details.  The more details, the more chances of getting typographical, spelling and grammatical errors into the work.  Worst, the more details bring your résumé to more than 1-2 pages and just by looking at the number of pages can already be a disincentive to read you résumé.  Bear in mind that a recruiter is forcing himself to read a résumé.  So the more concise it is the better chances it gets to be read.

But being concise should not compromise getting the right qualification information across.  If the job is looking for an HTML programmer with a university degree and 5 years of experience, it doesn’t take a page to show you are qualified for it.  That’s all the recruiter wants to know.  The rest is really just gravy.

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