Web Design Director Resume Template

The Web Design Director manages concurrent design projects by a team of web graphics designers, HTML programmers and SEO consultants and makes a presentation proposal to clients in the conceptualization and prototyping stage. He also is the point man to approve contractual arrangements and client billing.

Web Design Director Resume Template

Gerald T. Storm

Ocean St., Jacksonville, Florida

Phone: 904-435-6576



Iā€™m looking for a suitable management position in the web development discipline preferably in the direction-setting capacity that can harness my leadership, managerial and technicals skills to successfully attain client satisfaction and corporate business objectives.

Summary of Qualification

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • About 10 years experience in web development from design, marketing to management
  • Extensive client networking presence to bring clients to the company

Career Experience/Job History

2004 – Present: Assistant Web Design Director, Quality Graphics, Inc. New York

  • Manage a group of professionals in graphics design, programming, copyrighting and SEO to arrive at the final webpage prototype for client approval.
  • Coordinate with legal for contract preparation and accounting for client billing
  • Win rapport with client for continued business relationships.
  • Make monthly performance appraisal and report to higher management

2000 – 2003: Web Development Manager, Dynamic Webs, LLC

  • Prepare initial and prototype design studies for the client.
  • Brainstorm design options with creative team.
  • Document design and development work for each project account


1999 ā€“ 2000: Commercial and Industrial Graphics, International Academy of Design and Technology, Cincinnati, Ohio

1995 ā€“ 1999: Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, University of Phoenix,

Cincinnati, Ohio

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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