The Right Time to Have a Career Objective in Résumés

A career objective statement in your résumé can be helpful for the recruiter to get an immediate handle on where you can best qualify. It’s not necessary bit it helps especially when you’re facing any of the three situations. A covering letter explaining your career objective and the gap created in your résumé can also help.

You’re fresh from graduation and just entering the workforce. You won’t have much in your résumé other than your academic experience and a few odd jobs you took in the summers, unless you’ve a working student.  You may also have stopped your employment to pursue advance post graduate studies in which case you previous employment may lose relevance.

After an extended absence, you are getting back to the workforce. Coming out from semi-retirement for a number of years can bring you back to square one and render your previous work experience irrelevant unless it’s a general management position. You may want to résumé your old position or get a fresh start in which case your career should clearly state this direction.

You are shifting careers.  If you plan on changing careers midstream, your career objective will be entirely different from what your résumé supports, in which case you need to have a more substantial covering letter to explain the cap to state that your are looking to a career change and promptly refer to your new academic background.  For some people,. Starting out fresh on a new career can render their old job experience irrelevant of that the situation can be equivalent to a looking for a job after college.

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