Taking Advantage of Facebook as a Résumé

Considered one of the best things to happen on the internet, the social networking craze has transcended the trend to become a major interactive activity.  Individuals engage in them not just to socialize but to promote themselves as what many companies with Facebook and Twitter presences already do for their products and services.

It’s interesting to note that Facebook accounts with nasty posts have been the basis for firing or disciplining employees.  Posts that compromise corporate trade secrets or contain unflattering statements about products or the company have been known to cost jobs for many people.

Corollary to his, your facebook presence and how you conduct yourself in one can be a more revealing résumé that can show more about your personality and your experience than a regular résumé can. Newsweek has reported that social networking accounts now has significant impact on one’s career even as early as just starting out in the corporate world.

Many recruiters and employers often visit social networking sites or blogs of potential candidates who show promise in becoming part of the company’s workforce Prospective employers can view accounts especially since, according to the Newsweek, only about 17% of users restrict viewing settings. The compare profile details with what you have on your résumé and brose through your wall to have an insightful look into your posts.

What you don’t want to happen is to lose the opportunity to get the job because you showed some unpleasant side of your personality on your Facebook account or in other social networking sites. The Director of Career Development at Vermont Technical College, Laurie Sybel advices job seekers to treat their Facebook presence no differently than they would a résumé.

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