Statistician Resume Template

Nearly all businesses require statistical data in every aspect of staff and field operations.  They need marketing statistics on population demographics, purchasing habits and statistical quality control for manufacturing operations, to mention some. Even politics in government need statistical trending in popular votes during election period.  All these are done by statisticians trained to undertake trending based on a reasonable sample size and associated confidence factor to make the statistical data representative of the whole.

Statistician Resume Template

Geraldine L. Holmes

Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phone:  215-767-8090


To be a lead statistician in a major research and survey company

Summary of Qualifications

  • About 7 years of experience as an assistant statistician for a large survey company
  • Excellent verbal communication skills in English and Spanish

Career Experience / Job History

2004 – Present:  Assistant Statistician, Pulse America, Inc,

  • Develop a computer statistical model for population demographic profiles for each country and state.
  • Design and develop survey methodologies for non-homogenous sampling mythologies.
  • Consult with clients on the specifics of the statistical sampling population, the questions in the survey and the survey method to be used.
  • Perform of data analysis to ensure that only relevant homogenous information is included in any statistical data comparison, regression analysis and presentation. Statisticians use this knowledge to design, collect, and interpret data experiments surrounding many different fields of industry.
  • Determine median and average performance trending discounting spikes in data.


2000 – 2004:  Master of Science in Statistics, Californian State University

1997 – 2000:  Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Capella University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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