Stage Magician Aide Artist Resume Template

You often see noted magicians on stage perform with an assistant who are sexy ladies.  Most are not just trappings to the act but are also trained magicians who are privy to many of the trade secrets to be able to assist the magician in any stage performance.  These are the state magician aides or assistants and they are often apprentice magicians themselves. They attend rehearsals, maintain the magician’s inventory of tricks and equipment and arrange for their storage and transport to and from events.  A portfolio of appearances can help a resume for this position.

Stage Magician Aide Resume Template

Alfred H. Potter

Santa Monica, CA

Phone: 310-898-6598


A position as a stage magician aide to a noted magician

Summary of Qualification

  • 9 years of experience as a freelance magician working for special events and children’s parties.
  • Portfolio of appearances with a stage magician available during interview.
  • Excellent stage presence and interpersonal skills.

Career Experience/Job History

2001 – Present:  Contractual Freelance Stage Magician Aide in the Beverly Hills area in LA

  • Practice and perfect stage support for the magician on stage
  • Conduct rehearsal with the magician in confidence to ensure secrecy of magical craft.
  • Meet with clients for details on performance and rates
  • Bill clients after the show
  • Provide proper storage of the magician’s equipment.
  • Ensure that all materials and appliances required for a successful stage performance are properly maintained.
  • Coordinate with stage managers and technicians on lighting requirements.


2001 – Present:  Various workshops on magical tricks and apprenticeship with veteran magicians on tour

1998 – 2001: Certificate in Magical Arts, Stonewall Institute of Magical Arts

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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