Résumé Richness for the 21st Century

Some people say there are more jobs today than there was ten years ago.  Just look at the computer programming position. There used to be only HTML programmers for web development.  But you now have PHP, ASF, SHTML, Java programmers as well.  Then there are LEED eco-friendly building inspectors when there was none before.

Most jobs today are getting narrowly specialized so that applying for a programmer position requires you to be more specific in terms of the platform you specialize in (mainframe, UNIX, Linux, Windows, Android, Symbian, etc) and the programming language your are good at (C+, C++, HTML, etc.).  The bottomline is that this job variety also prompts the kind of résumé one has to prepare.

The applicant has to customize his résumé to specific job requirements.  It’s not enough to just have a generic programmer’s résumé detailing your experiences in the field over the last 10 years.  In the fast evolving IT world, it’s possible that your programming language experience in the first 5 years may no longer be relevant.

In addition, the applicant is not just limited to the traditional printed résumé with the stratified sections but it has also been enriched with the various formats and distribution methods an applicant can opt to use.

But there are also jobs that have been lost forever today that were once thriving ten years ago.  Not so much because they’re no longer done, but because company’s no longer employ those who do them.  For instance, most data entry and encoder jobs are done at home by freelance data encoders. So don’t bother preparing a résumé for positions company’s are no longer interested filling.

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