Résumé for Transitioning from Military To Civilian

A career in the military is never a problem when transitioning to civilian life. It’s a matter of getting the equivalence of your experience in the military and using them in the proper context that can be understood by an HR manager in corporate life.  Preparing your résumé for the transition can be easy as the corporate jungle actually borrows a lot of its jargons, structure and operations from the military.

Things like business objectives, marketing strategies and sales tactics are taken from the military. Camaraderie or team spirit that is valued in companies has its roots in the military. A platoon or drill sergeant is the equivalent of your supervisor, while captains, colonels and generals are no different from your managers, directors and vice presidents.

Your tenure in the military in whatever level is as much accomplishment-focused as in civilian life that HR managers are looking for.  Don’t be modest in citing them in your résumé. Whenever you’ve led a team for a military mission, even just a reconnaissance mission, say so, as this reflects leadership skills.  Getting to be in charge of ordinance and ammunitions is no different from being an inventory manager so indicate such experiences.

Companies have virtually the same hierarchy as the military and your discipline in taking orders from your superiors can be a real asset for company executives to love to give orders. Even the trainings you’ve undertaken in your military career should be highlight and given relevance to corporate like.  The ability to dissemble and assemble back a rifle requires the same dexterity and skill as any assembly operating in factories. So treat your military career like any civilian job.

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