Résumé for Executives

It is said that a résumé for a CEO is often just a one-pager that justifies why the applicant deserves the position.  No, it’s not written in fine print to cram a 5-page résumé into just one page.  It uses the same 12-pt Roman or Ariel font and often double spaced.  Positions at this level are quite few and if you’re coming from a noted company, the community of corporate presidents and CEOs is often small enough that they know each other and their company owners and stockholders also know them by reputation.

That’s the key, reputation.  Professionals at this level often have established a reputation in the industry they operate so that a detailed résumé is unnecessary.  There’s a lot of truth in the saying that the higher up you go in the corporate hierarchy, the shorter the résumé gets, despite the fact that you get more years of job experience.

A one page résumé for an executive often just includes the objective to be the president with a straightforward listing of the current companies where the applicant has served as president or vice president over the last 10 years, even if they’ve been in the industry for the last 40 years.   You could be looking at just two recent companies among a string of companies.

Educational background is not even necessary, though you can include just your doctoral or masteral course.  The more important thing to put in an executive’s résumé is a list of high profile references that include state and federal politicos as well as presidents of other companies.

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