Résumé for Applicants Just Starting Out

Fresh graduates just out looking for job won’t have much job experience to embellish their résumés and it’s always prudent to be honest about the fact rather than invent some just to land in a job that requires some experience.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare your résumé, or be sloppy about it because you’re just starting out.  In fact, when starting on your road to make a place for yourself in a highly competitive corporate world, your résumé correctly done can be your entry ticket to that world.

The bottom line is to be honest about it.  As a fresh graduate, the emphasis on your résumé would be your college work, you academic grade, thesis work, teacher commendations, etc. A 1-2 page résumé with double-spaced print is good enough and employers who consider fresh graduates don’t expect much. But if you’ve had some summer jobs, have served as an assistant editor in your college tabloid, say so.  Even back in high school, if you’ve assisted the school librarian to inventory the books, include that as well.  These short stints indicate that you can be trusted to do work. Every aspect of work experience while in school helps, no matter how short.

But don’t expect to land in a job that requires a suitable experience. In the first place, unless the company considers fresh graduates for the position, you really have no business applying for a job that requires experience.  You’d just be wasting your time as the HR recruitment officer who receives your application will simple send your résumé to the trash bin.

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