Residential Designer Resume Template

In large architectural or civil engineering contractors, those beautiful artist rendition and 3D models of residential homes that an architect could do are often done by residential designers.  These designers often have more imaginative, creative and artistic skills than resident architects and are employed to visualize designs of homes before getting validated by architects and civil engineers if they can be constructed with available building methods and materials.

Residential Designer Resume Template

Janice B. Valdes

Roswell Rd, Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: 404-701-0912


To be a lead Residential Designer for a large architectural company

Summary of Qualification

  • Almost a decade of experience as a residential designer for a large architectural firm specializing in residential development.
  • Excellent command of CAD/CAM software tools
  • Excellent interpersonal skills for dealing with clients.

Career Experience/Job History

2000 – Present: Residential Designer, Summers  & Associates

  • Create perspective designs on Corel Draw or other appropriate imager editing PC tools as well as craft 3D models of homes for clients for their approval or for publication in online home design catalogues.
  • Meet with clients to discuss design concerns and update drawings accordingly.
  • Consult with architects, landscapers, and interior designers on design possibilities and options.
  • Work with account executives to visit a construction site and possibly entertain potential clients with lunch or dinner.
  • Supervise construction if well trained to oversee the process.
  • The residential designer may be working on a number of plans at once, so might draw some sketches; meet with clients and construction companies, negotiating contracts and discussing plans;


2000 – Present:  Various in house trainings and seminars on architecture concepts, building materials, use of PC home design software and government building codes.

1997 – 2000: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Walden University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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