Qualities of a Good Covering letter in Résumés

Knowing you need a good covering letter in our résumé is one thing, being able to properly craft one is another.  The oft-spoken qualities of a good résumé cover letter is that it should be

  • Professionally written – no spelling or grammar errors.  The language should be formal and dignifies, regardless whether the position is just an entry level rank and file job or a higher management jog.  You can’t afford to be sloppy in your covering letter.  In fact, you can’t be sloppy in any part of your résumé.
  • Brief and to the point – shouldn’t take more than a page of double spaced 12-point Roman type font in just 2-3 paragraphs without much introductory pleasantries or diversions. The language and sentence construction should be fluid enough for easy reading. No complex complicated sentences carrying too many ideas.  Employers will not struggle to read through an unwieldy text.
  • Focused – its goal is simply to compel the recruiter or employer to take a closer look at your résumé details.  You can use your current position, latest skill set and training, award or commendation to simply showcase why you deserve the position and when well written can get the reader to read more about them in the body of your résumé.
  • Attractive – only means that your first statement can immediately draw attention and get your recruiter to read through. You can start with a statement your recruiter wants to hear like a good company or how you got to apply.   Nothing fancy though, such as starting with joke.  That may elicit laughter while the recruiter throws your résumé into the trash can.

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