Power Up Your Résumé Cover Letter with a Follow Up

Your covering letter is a call to arms.  First you want you recruiter to read your résumé.  Next, you want your recruiter to give you a call, preferably for an interview schedule.  That means that a well written cover letter could go to waste if you leave it having without asking for father action.

Once the recruiter reads your covering letter and résumé

, the next thing you want to happen is to discuss your qualification with HR for any clarification or a schedule for an interview. For that to happen you can either indicate in your covering letter that you will be calling the employer which the recruiter often won’t entertain or allow.  Or you can ask them the recruiter for an interview schedule. Afterall, that’s what your really want for each résumé submission you make, right?

So don’t pretend you don’t.  Most applicant résumé like to leave the option to be interviewed and open issue. But it really makes no sense to make a great covering letter and a résumé and not ask for closure of the application.  The recruiter may not even deign to respond if your résumé doesn’t fit their requirements, but at least, complete you covering letter with a clear indication that you are available for an interview.

Some covering letters even indicate what time of the day or days of the week when they can be reached for a phone call or made available for a personal interview. This also reveals you know your worth and even obligates the recruiter to have the courtesy to contact you.

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