Positioning Your Military Résumé

If you’ve been discharged from the military after so many years, getting a job in civilian life need not be problematic if you can make your résumé make sense to an HR recruiter or employers.  Just like any résumé, a military résumé should get you noticed for a scheduled interview.  Treat your military career as just another job and you’d be well armed, (no pun intended) to make your résumé your ticket to corporate life.

The bottom line is to showcase your skills and experience as being relevant for the position you are targeting. The key is to be able to translate your military experience into something of value to civilian life.  Here are some of them:

  • If you are a recently discharged lieutenant, know that your position gives you the skills to handle people in a supervisory or managerial position.  The corporate hierarchy is really no different from the military hierarchy.
  • Years in the service can be segregated into missions or units where you’ve been assigned and treated as separated job assignments.  Never be shy to indicate your accomplishments in each assignment and relate that to civilian demands.  A successful reconnaissance mission into enemy territory is the equivalent of intelligence gathering about competitor product information.
  • There’s no other challenge more demanding than facing the risk of death in the missions you get if you’ve been assigned in a war zone.  After this, any other challenge on the corporate world is peanuts.
  • Be sure to include the training you got in the military.  Sift through them to include only those that are most relevant in your résumé.  If you’ve been a radio technician, involved in road building, or some other specialties, mention them if they are relevant to technical positions you are applying.

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