Owner Representative Resume Template

Owner Representatives act as proxy to an owner of a project under construction.  This may be a house, commercial building, restaurant, school, etc.  As Owner Representatives, they must know and understand the needs and requirements of their superior.  They must be able to communicate the wants and needs exactly and directly to the construction company in charge and at the same time, monitor its development and report it to the project owner.

Owner Representative Resume Template

Maria Ashton

7882 Winter Ave.

California, 7687

Phone: (212) 210-2100



Experienced and highly organized person seeking for a position as Owner Representative

Summary of Qualification

  • Highly logical, keen on details and remarkable foresight of designs, plans and requirements of a project owner
  • Very good communication skills with the ability to direct instructions and orders according to plans
  • Patient and highly reliable in dealing and coordinating with staff from different departments to achieve desired goals.
  • Excellent management skills, strict in monitoring work and reports events accurately and speedily
  • Very good health condition and can work long hours

Career Experience/Job History

2007-2008: Owner Representative, Harry Ford Foundation

  • Read and studied projects and plans and discussed details with owner for better understanding and foresight
  • Directly reported to the owner, sought his advice and took orders for implementation on the project
  • Arranged for any improvements, changes and adjustments to the plan as instructed by the owner
  • Made written and visual reports and presented them to the project owner consistently and according to frequency
  • Consulted with the project owner and construction staff with regards to main issues that requires the owner’s decisions
  • Made follow up calls and meetings for purchased materials and for monitoring purposes
  • Recommended solutions and renovations to the project owner for advancement of the project


2004-2008: Bachelor of Arts in Finance, University of California

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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