Organizing Your Résumé

An organized mind will show in whatever you write and the first thing that tells an employer about your ability to organize is a well structured résumé that has all the basic elements about why he should employ you.

Personal Details: You need to indicate you full name, some personal details like citizenship, civil status, sex, kids and contact details.

Objective: A simple phrase to indicate what job you want to land in, i.e. Network Engineer, or a more general statement saying you want an IT position in a construction company, real estate company, etc.

Work Experience: This can be titled as Career History if you have held a number of positions in various companies.  You can go chronologically from your earliest job down to the last, or go on reverse chronology from the latest to the oldest.  The section should contain your latest position title held in a company, the department and the year or years you held it.  If you’ve had various titles held in the same company, indicate the title, department and period held.

Trainings and Seminars (optional):  If you have taken in-house or external trainings, seminars or workshops while working, indicate in this section the subject, where it was taken, if certificated and the period it was taken.

Awards and Commendations (optional): If you’ve had citations and awards, whether given by the company for exemplary work or civic organizations, indicate here.

Education: This is where you mention your educational background consisting of your post graduate, post secondary and secondary education along with any scholarships or honour you’ve received.

References: These are the people who can vouch for your character and job experience.  Be sure to have their latest contacts and positions.  This section can be optional to say that “reference to be provided upon request.”

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