Operational Meteorologist Resume Template

A Weather forecaster or operational meteorologist provides an invaluable service to society.  A lot of the things we do for the day depend on such forecasts and can alter what can be achieved for the day.  A resume for this position needs to show your experience and training and a stint in the military, broadcast station, or government weather station is always an advantage.

Operational Meteorologist Resume Template

Donny T. Henares, Jr.

Margaret St., Key West, Florida

Phone: 305- 345-9008



To take on lead or management position in the meteorological department to a head a team of researchers.

Summary of Qualification

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English , Spanish and French
  • About 16 years experience in weather forecasting, meteorological research and trending in various parts of the planet
  • Extensive client networking presence to bring clients to the company

Career Experience/Job History

2003 – 2009: Assistant Meteorologist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce, Florida

  • Conduct weather pattern analysis and present forecast Provide advisories to pertinent business and farming sectors on weather patterns for the year as requested.
  • Provide accurate weather conditions for the tactical decision making by authorities.
  • Analyze land and coastal weather patterns and atmospheric conditions prior, during and after hurricanes.

1996 – 2003:  Junior Weather Analyst, Florida Coast Guard

  • Collect, analyze, and interpret historical records of rainfall, wind, sunshine, humidity and temperature in the Florida and surrounding areas


1999 – 2002: MS Meteorology, Aeronautical University, Daytona, Florida

1996: passed the American Meteorological Society licensing requirements to be a Certified Consulting Meteorologist professional

1990 – 1994: Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University, New York

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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